16 May 2017

Become a host center


The host centers are chosen from among the district hospitals in Cameroon. All hospitals can house the AFRICA CARDIAC CARE service and must do so by submitting a request by providing the administrative documents and the location plan of the hospital. The hospital will then have to contact HIMORE MEDICAL, if the project's monitoring and evaluation committee unanimously approves, the hospital, after agreement signed by both parties, will become a hosting center for AFRICA CARDIAC CARE .

After signing the agreement, nurses from the host hospital will receive accelerated training on the practice of cardiac testing, blood pressure testing, blood glucose and oximetry.


Conduct of examinations

Exam days will be chosen by the hospital that houses the AFRICA CARDIAC CARE service. During these days, the hospital will have medical devices that will be supplied to them by the company HIMORE MEDICAL including: an ECG (Kit Cardio-Pad), a blood pressure monitor, a Glucose meter and an oximeter. These devices will be accompanied by several accessories such as ECG cable, strips, gloves, gel, lancets and many more.

Materiel Africa Cardiac Care

Each time, a Supervisor will go to each hospital hosting the AFRICA CARDIAC CARE service to ensure the effectiveness of the project. It will emphasize the respect of the medical philosophy fixed on the realization of the cardiac examinations, and the respect of the norms established by the Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon.