16 May 2017


This medical examination allows to diagnose the heart of a patient. It is performed using a cardiograph and a set of electrodes that will be attached on the skin of the patient. The Africa Cardiac Care Program allows the patient to benefit from an unlimited number of 12 leads electrocardiogram exams per year, as well as the follow-up of a Cardiologist who will interpret the patient examinations whenever necessary .

Recording of ECG

Thanks to the Cardio-Pad kit, which is a medical device for conducting cardiac examinations, we realize electrocardiograms (ECG) 12 leads.

ECG Cardio-Pad Africa Cardiac Care

Transmission of data to cardiologists

By means of a data transmission function via the GSM / GPRS mobile telephone network, the Cardio Pad allows the transfer of the results of an ECG examination to a distant cardiologist who can then produce and transmit his interpretation through his Tablet or smartphone. This makes it possible to overcome the problem of deficiency of cardiologists in the developing countries.

Africa Cardiac Care transmission des données

Interpretation of examinations by a specialist

The Cardio Pad is equipped with a set of functions for computer-aided diagnosis. It is a software to perform heart signal processing to automatically detect heartbeat and heart rate. It also makes it possible to calculate the duration of the different waves inside the cardiac signal of the patient.