16 May 2017

Organizational chart

Presentation of the different functions

Organisation Chart of AfricaCardiac Care program

Organisation Chart of AfricaCardiac Care program


It is responsible for finding the funds for the execution of the project. He ensures the smooth running of the project by making available to the team everything necessary for the operation of the project.


He ensures the effectiveness of cardiac tests in the hospitals of each region where he is assigned. Each Regional Coordinator will be appointed by the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee.


These are the members of the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee. They will be appointed by the Ministry of Public Health to ensure the progress and smooth running of the project activities. They must ensure that the project also meets the philosophy, standards and objectives of the Ministry of Health for Cardiovascular Disease Control.


They will be responsible for training the nurses on the use of the medical tablet which makes it possible to carry out the cardiac exams, in particular the Cardio Pad. They are also in charge of the maintenance of the devices and ensure the transmission of data between the cardiologists and the nurses who will be with the patients. The engineers will be chosen by HIMORE MEDICAL.


They must ensure the organization of medical campaigns. They will be responsible for conducting cardiac examinations to patients in their homes and in hospitals. They will conduct training seminars to promote AFRICA CARDIAC CARE.


The Monitoring and Evaluation Committee will be responsible for drawing up an annual report of the project in order to report on its effectiveness and the way in which it is managed. It will consist of:

  • From a President

The chair of the evaluation committee reports on the harmonious functioning, effectiveness and objectivity of Cardiac Care, in accordance with the policies of the MINSANTE on the practice of cardiac examinations. It establishes a positive, constructive and equitable climate in which applications for funding will be evaluated and submitted to the Project Coordinator. The President (in collaboration with his / her Vice-President) plays an oversight role on the smooth running of the Cardiac Care service;

  • From a Vice-President

He accompanies the President in his actions and activities. He may even replace him if he is unable to attend and preside over the absence of the chairman of the evaluation committee, the annual meeting to evaluate the Cardiac Care project;

  • From a Secretary General

He is a member of the Executive Committee. It has the attributes to write an annual report on the progress of the project, to manage the specific files of the service AFRICA CARDIAC CARE. The scope of its responsibilities also covers legal matters, ensuring compliance with the legal obligations of the AFRICA CARDIAC CARE service;


The MINISTRY OF HEALTH is part of the supervisory body of the project;
HIMORE MEDICAL constitutes the teams that coordinate it;
The hospitals will be responsible for sheltering AFRICA CARDIAC CARE;
The nurses will do cardiac examinations for the patients and the cardiologists will interpret them in order to produce a diagnosis. In the event of illness, cardiologists will prescribe treatments to the patients and ensure their care.