20 May 2017



ReDiag Africa Cardiac Care


Actually, mobile applications are used in every domain in the world such as medicine, where we find more than 2000 apps available on the cloud. Users can then download them for many kind of usage. After the release of the Cardio-pad, HIMORE MEDICAL teams have developed a WINDOWS PHONE compatible application, allowing computer assisted diagnosis and remote monitoring of patients that receive heart exams by the use of Cardio-pad.

Mobile application ReadDiag

·         This application allows the cardiologist to receive data of a patient coming from a CardioPad used in a remote area. The data are transmitted over the 3G network and downloaded on the smartphone of the cardiologist through a data connection (3g or Wi-Fi).·         The remote cardiologist can then produce a diagnosis using a set of functions that allow him to calculate the wavelength and all parameters needed to produce the diagnosis.·         Once the diagnosis has been made, the cardiologist transfers his results and his medical prescriptions to the Cardio-pad used to perform the exam on the patient.

ReadDiag Africa Cardiac Care

   Steps of Process

ReadDiag Africa Cardiac Care
ReDiag Africa Cardiac Care

L’utilisateur, après avoir lancé l’application ReadDiag contenue dans le menu des applications de son windows phone, s’identifie en entrant son login et son mot de passe. Ensuite, il ouvre l’application en cliquant sur la touche « Connect ».

Then, the user's data are loaded from the server, and the list of exams that the cardiologist has to interpret is displayed.


ReadDiag Africa Cardiac Care

Each examination is characterized by the name of the patient to whom the examination has been recorded, the name of the hospital where the examination was made, the time and date of the examination.  THE 3 STATUTES OF THE EXAMINATION ·        

  • On the server : It means that the graph of the patient is still hosted in the server.
  • Downloaded: Here, the graph is already downloaded into the device
  • Completed: It is when the cardiologist has received the patient's data, and he finished to interpret and send back his interpretation to the source of the examination, the CardioPad of the nurse who carried out the examination. 

When the user selects an exam, the exam waves are downloaded into the device's memory and the user can then view it on the examination detail page.


The course of the examination

The electrocardiogram 12 leads are plotted and contained in a control offering the user the ability to zoom in or out to enlarge and / or shrink the graphics.

Patient Information

 These include name, age, sex, weight and patient parameters (blood pressure, oximetry, saturation, symptoms collected during the cardiac examination and medication).

On this detail page, the user has access to a set of tools allowing him to calculate the heart rate, duration of the T wave, PR, QT, ST, duration of the QRS complex, duration of the different intervals Between the waves, the Socolow index and all the other indices necessary for the production of a cardiac diagnosis. After the diagnosis, the cardiologist will transfer the data to the Cardio-Pad from which the test was performed.


ReadDiag Africa Cardiac Care

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